Release Note: Navy Linux going to release on 1st of the July 2021.

Why Navy ?

Navy Linux and The Navy Linux Project is an on-going community project founded by Unixlab on January 4, 2021. The project aims to offer a minimalistic installation of the Linux operating system. Navy Linux is based on Redhat Enterprise Linux and shall always remain open to the community.

We promise the same experience that was the hallmark of the Minimal CentOS Linux

Website Source code

The Navy Linux Web Site Repository link

Navy Linux Infrastructure

Document everything related to the project's infrastructure. link


Source code for Navy packaged software found link

Issue Tracker:

Here open an issue or ask any questions about the Navy. link


Repositories related to the Navy Linux installer (Anaconda) link


Repositories related to Navy Linux branding link

SELR: Stable Enterprise

SELR an alternative to EPEL link

How can I contribute?

The Navy is always looking for interested folks to help out. link