Navy Linux History

Navy Linux and The Navy Linux Project is an ongoing community project founded by Unixlab on January 4, 2021. The project aims to offer a minimalistic installation of the Linux operating system. The immediate goal is to cater the audience left reeling by the sudden shift of CentOS 8 Linux which declared EOL support from December 31, 2021 onwards.

Navy Linux is based on Redhat Enterprise Linux and shall always remain open to the community. We promise the same experience that was the hallmark of the Minimal CentOS Linux

Navy Linux Mission

The Navy Linux Project Community shall adhere to its goals of minimizing the hardware resource requirements of a server-side operating system and produce a stable and secure Linux system.


Navy Linux is a 100% community-driven project with a board of directors and coreteams directly voted in by the community.

Navy Linux Current Teams

General Community Team

GCT focusses on project recognition and raise awareness for the project. In time, GCT will transition to making brand designs, badges and acquiring sponsorships.

  • GCT manages our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • We run Facebook ads reaching out to contributors in the US, with Europe to come check us out.
  • Unfortunately, Linkedin ad is a bit expensive, and we’re currently monitoring and reviewing analytics highlights on different platforms and planning to push Linkedin ad soon in the strong point area based on the results.
  • General Community Team is in need of:
    • Brand Management & Design
    • Graphic Designers
    • Content Creators
    • Open Source Advocates
Infrastructure Team & Web Team

The Web and infrastructure team is coordinating to construct Navy Linux working environments for more robust working experience to the contributors.

  • Navy Linux Website was already deployed to a newer server inside Mozemo for faster response and time-out free.
  • Web team is currently working on the rebuild of site and adding download page for the beta release of navy Linux.
  • Infrastructure & Web team deployed Navy Linux Gitlab solution to have as main development platform.
  • Infrastructure & Web team deployed Navy Linux Wiki to keep track of our documentation regarding the distribution.
  • Infrastructure & Web team queued implementation and deployment plans that are in need of sponsorship and/or contributors:
    • Implementation of CDN for quicker response (Cloudflare or Alternative).
    • Deployment of Navy Linux community forum (phpBB or Discourse).
    • Deployment of Navy Linux blog (grav).
    • Deployment of backup collaboration platform (Probably Mattermost).
    • Subdomains for pointing different solutions mentioned above
    • Hardware resources for build computing platform.
Packaging Team

Packaging team is coordinating with the infrastructure team to setup and deploy build computing platform for re-building and re-branding packages. Packaging team are in need of contributors who have experience in Ansible, Mock and Koji.

Installer Team

Installer team made huge progress building the Navy Linux 8 beta installation process. To view the full walkthrough visit our YouTube channel

Navy Linux is in need of Contributors to lead and build the teams
  • Legal Team
  • Security Team
  • Localization Team
  • Creatives Team