How to Become a Navy Linux Mirror

The only requirements for becoming a mirror are:

1- A willingness to mirror The Navy Linux.

2- Mirroring is done using rsync over SSH, it requires public SSH key file, submit to The Navy Linux infra Team.

3- Only HTTPS mirror should be utilized (HTTP and FTP mirrors are not accepted)

4- Available bandwidth and disk space, Each release of Navy Linux takes about 60GB of disk space for all of the various packages we create.

5- We recommend our mirrors have at least a 100Mbit/sec connection to the Internet

6- The ability to do directory listings on mirrored sub-directories on your mirror Server.

7- The mirror should update itself, preferably every 12 hours, but at the very least, once a day.

Required info.

Drop us an email with the above details to

rsync Information

The rsync over SSH URL for mirror:

Here is the suggested rsync command for a mirror to use:

# rsync over ssh suggested command
rsync --bwlimit=5000 -arvz -e 'ssh -p <port>' --progress --delete /path/to/local/download/
# <port> is private port you can receive details when your request is approved

Getting Added to the Mirror List

After completing these above steps, Once you have initially mirrored The Navy Linux, reply us on the same email thread. We can review and publish your mirror url on the mirror list.

Still have any question to setting up the mirror, please feel free to share with us over email at

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