Navy Linux 8.4 Now Available!

The release notes for Navy Linux 8.4 contain a summary of the changes made to the Navy Linux base system on the development line.


Navy Linux is a rebuild of the Red Hat Linux project just as the CentOS Linux project has been for all these years. This document contains the release notes for Navy Linux 8.4. It describes recently added, changed, or deleted features of EL8. It also provides some notes on upgrading from CentOS to Navy Linux.

All users they want to migrate CentOS to Navy Linux

Security Advisories

Advisory to verify CHECKSUM, Download iso and CHECKSUM in same folder and check “md5sum -c CHECKSUM” Link to download

Errata Notices

No notices.

Installer Images

Navy Installer Images available on all mirrors at path /navylinux/releases/8.4/x86_64/iso/ or download from Download page


Navy Linux Kernel Packages available in nl-kernel repo.

[nl-kernel] - kernel repository

nl-kernel kernel repository allows kernel care and updates for Navy Linux Kernel. Package included in Kernel repository available at

[nl-base] - BaseOS repository

os repository group of Minimal OS and Server packages.

Hardware Support

Arch x86_64 supported Hardware for the Navy Linux Release 8.4

Minimum Hardware requirement

CPU: 1x1 core


Virtualization Hypervisors

Virtualization Hypervisors have the following hardware requirements:

Packaging Changes

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